You need the green gem, red gem, sliver gem, blue gem to do the g1 dungeon and when doing this dungon you can get a black orb by geting the fragment at the end of each gem dungon once you have all four buy a quest from Dougal in Tir Na Nog for 50gold then compte it the n you can get up to 4 people to help you in that dungon the black orb is the hardest of all the gem. if you are doing G1 its going to be alot harder for you if you are done with G1 you can't fight the G1 boss you will fight a diffent fomor.

There are different characteristics about Albey:

There are NO Statue of Goddesses

You cannot use Nao ANYWHERE in Albey or Tir Na Nog

Can ONLY be entered through Bangor on Saturday with a special pass from Kristell

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