Description Edit

A region that connects Dunbarton and Taillteann.

A byway of Rabbie Dungeon leads to Abb Neagh, a picturesque scenery of wildflowers surrounding a beautiful lake where you can leisurely enjoy fishing. You can also reach Taillteann from Abb Neagh.[1]

Abb Neagh is a passageway between Dunbarton and Taillteann. It is well known for its lake in the center of the map, which is a famous fishing spot. However, within Lake Neagh lies an infamous, powerful monster by the name of Neid, who presumably kills and/or drowns fishermen patrolling its lake.

Abb Neagh Residential Town is located southwest of the map, beside Lake Neagh.

To the easternmost side of Lake Neagh is the Bard Camp, where Music Skills can be learned.

Local NPCs Edit

NPC Occupation Location


Bard Camp


Blacksmith Bard Camp


Bard Camp


Bard Camp


Bard Camp


Bard Camp


Bard Bard Camp

Local Monsters Edit

  • Black Dire Wolf and Black Dire Wolf Cub
  • Gray Fox
  • Gray Wolf
  • Plateau Wild Boar
  • Red Bear
  • Raccoon and Young Raccoon

Field Boss Edit

  • Neid

References Edit

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